She tore her eyes from the TV and looked absent mindedly at her phone as it flashed, expecting to see the recently ditched date’s name come up. Her stomach knotted. There it was…HIS name.

Another one? Even when they’d been together he would rarely text twice in a row. Her hand shook, as she reached out to pick up the phone. Her mind racing through the myriad possibilities, trying to quieten the hopeless romantic, optimistic, naïve, unrealistic voices, so the ones that wouldn’t result in her hopes being dashed could speak.

A third? Unheard of. No further hesitation, she grabbed the phone, entered the unlock code incorrectly twice and waited for her phone to open her text messages, the 3 seconds stretching out for eternity. Heart beating, voices clamouring…cunt clenching.

‘If you still want to see me, I’m here’

‘I can see your light is on’

‘I won’t ask again’

Her thought process took less than a second; ‘don’t answer’ ‘you know you’re going to’ ‘yes but only to find out what he wants’ ‘I won’t go back there’ ‘you probably will’ ‘I can’t’ ‘stop delaying, you might miss your chance’

‘Of course I want to see you’

‘Will you do exactly as you’re told?’

Her breath caught in her throat, her left hand made it’s own way to gently caress her collar bone, her teeth gently gripped her bottom lip, her nipples stiffened and her pussy instantly moistened. Her body had answered before she could finish writing…’Yes. x’

‘Good girl’

‘Come downstairs, get in the car and don’t say a word. There will be a line for you on my cock, you’ll take it and then suck me, and you won’t stop until you receive further instruction. Do you understand?’


‘You have five minutes, or I’m going elsewhere’

She threw the phone and keys into her bag, grateful that she had not long got in from that unsuccessful date. Her preparations in case of it being successful weren’t in vain after all. Her long legs were smooth and stocking clad, her cunt was perfectly groomed, her clothes were enticing, but not over the top, a short flirty pleated skirt and close fitting low cut top, matching underwear. A quick look in the mirror told her that her hair and makeup had not suffered since she had left the house earlier in the evening. She threw on her boots and ran out of the flat, not a second’s consideration was given to the fact that it was nearly midnight and she was supposed to be up for work the next day, or that the man had broken her heart the last time she saw him, or that her friends were all going to despair at dealing with the fallout once again, or that she had sworn to stay off drugs, or that she was breaking every promise that she had made to herself over the last two weeks. She was smiling again, grinning from ear to ear, heart pumping blood furiously around her body, ringing in her ears, adrenaline entering her system and seeming to flow directly to her throbbing clitoris and her painfully stiff nipples, her mind filling with all the glorious possibilities of what was to come.

She paused briefly before opening the communal door to the street, composed herself, reduced her grin to a, hopefully, enigmatic smile. Obedient, but not desperate, this was the impression she wanted to give, even though she knew he knew her too well to buy it. Opening the door a rush of sea air engulfed her, the wind almost pushing her off her feet. She saw the car and her heart nearly stopped, the feelings intensified and she could not resist breaking into a trot. She entered the car. The familiar smells were almost overwhelming, a comfort blanket that she pulled tightly to her shivering frame.

She dared to look briefly at his face; her cheeks flushed as she swam mindlessly in his eyes and drank in the wide, knowing smile for what seemed like hours. He handed her the rolled note and she glanced down at the sight she had longed to see. Erect, hard and decorated with a line of white powder that would instantly eradicate any thoughts of protecting herself as soon as it was digested. That wasn’t the drug though, he was the drug, this powder just the needle and spoon that made it possible to inject him deep into her veins and enjoy the erotic, mind numbing nirvana that came from submitting to his will. She knew every inch, ever vein, every crease of that cock and as she bent her head down to take the line in one experienced movement, knowing how much that turned him on, she revelled in the sight of it. Without lifting her head she lifted one hand to return the note and gently flicked out her tongue, tracing the line of his prick from base to tip along the big throbbing vein that ran the length of it. She watched with delight as it twitched, used her hand to gently pull back his skin to reveal the swollen tip as her tongue continued it’s journey. She ran her tongue slowly around the glans, pausing to spend time on his frenulum, working her way up to gently probe the very tip, her pupils dilating as she felt the release of a little pre-cum and heard a low growl being emitted from his chest as she lapped it up, savouring the taste of him. She wet her lips, opened her throat, placed her mouth over the end and slowly took every inch of him deep into her mouth, past the opening to her throat and deeper, deeper, deeper. Sucking hard and continuing to work her tongue against the most sensitive parts, she was transported to a place of ecstasy intensified by the drug now coursing through her system and by the placement of his hand on the back of her head. No pressure applied, just the proprietary gesture that made her entire body ache to be his, if only for one night. Her cunt was throbbing, her clit almost buzzing and painful with the desire to have him inside her, she could feel her sex juices, unable to be contained by her pussy, or the thin material of her knickers, start to dampen her inner thighs. She inhaled deeply, the combined smell of their sex and the acrid burn of the drug in her nostrils, transporting her to her own personal nirvana.

She started working her mouth up and down, in sync with her hand, sucking hungrily, and mouth salivating uncontrollably. She did not pause when she felt him shift in his seat, put on his seatbelt and start the engine, she did not think to ask where they were going, or what they were doing. She was lost in her servitude, happy with being in her place, all responsibility handed over to this beautiful, dangerous man. Vaguely aware of them moving through the city, street lights and the lights of other cars occasionally penetrating their personal space, she didn’t skip a beat. Working his perfect cock just the way that she knew he liked it, being rewarded with moans and, when she was very good, a stroke of the hair and a softly murmured ‘Good girl’. Eventually the car came to a stop, it was darker here, and they were enveloped in the silky black sheets of night, as she dutifully continued with her task. He held her head in place as he started to speak. The sound of his voice made her cunt twitch hard three or four times, almost climaxing before she even registered the words, very simply; ‘Don’t stop’. He shifted in his seat again and she could hear him preparing more lines, it wasn’t necessary, but she knew it pleased him to see her do it, and she didn’t care, as long as she could continue to please him. She sensed that he would soon stop her from her hungry sucking and became more urgent in her actions, she removed him from her mouth and started licking the length of him, sucking along the length down to his stiffening balls, flicking her tongue over them, sensing their immediate reaction to the gentle trace of her devoted mouth and the heat of her breath.

‘When I tell you, you’re going to stop, you’re going to do this line and then, without speaking, you will get out of the car, go to the rear door, open it and bend over the seat. I want you to pull your knickers down and your skirt up and wait for me. Do you understand?’

Without removing her mouth from his balls, or her hand from his prick, she whispered; ‘Yes sir’, but she felt almost sad to have to stop worshipping him with her mouth, and endeavoured to get the most of it before her next instruction.


Instantly she obeyed, raised herself up from his lap and saw where they were parked for the first time. It was a small parking space, just off the road, halfway across a bridge that spanned the main carriage way out of the city. Beneath them, too far away to hear clearly, a few cars were speeding their way home, or to new destinations. Above them the stars were bright and clear, and in front of them the entire city was lit up until to the point that it hit the dark unseen expanse of sea. There were no other cars parked near them and a clear view of any that might approach, but still, it was breathtakingly private and exposed in equal measure. She again took the note that was offered and this time took the line from a small mirror. She again glanced into his eyes, and felt instantly safe and protected as he smiled warmly at her, pleased with her submission. Her ecstasy was not allowing her to analyse her feelings, or ruin the moment with reality.

She turned from him and, as she’d been told, and left the car. Again the wind was strong, nearly knocking her over, but she could not feel the cold, only excitement, anticipation and pure unadulterated pleasure. She opened the back door of the car, slid her already soaking knickers down to her ankles and lifted up her skirt, tucking the hem into the waistband. He didn’t move while she was doing this, he continued to sit in the driver’s seat looking out at the view. She opened her legs as much as her knickers would allow and bent over, placing her elbows and forearms on the seat. Her dripping wet, swollen cunt, and tight puckered arse were entirely exposed to any cars that might choose to use the bridge at that time, and the wind was mercilessly teasing her clit, making her ache to touch herself or at least cross her legs tight, to offer some release. She resisted and continued to wait for him to leave the car. After what seemed an eternity she heard the click of the door being opened and the gentle clunk of it being closed. She bit her lip and closed her eyes tight as she waited for him to move around the car to her. She could feel his presence as he stood behind her, admiring both the vision of her sex open entirely to him, and enjoying the fact that she had submitted to him so well and without question. He kneeled down behind her; she could feel his warm breath on her wind cooled pussy as the tips of his fingers slowly stroked the outside of her legs enjoying them trembling at his touch. Over the tops of her stockings, moving their way to her inner thigh, she could not contain a small squeaking gasp, and he stopped instantly.

‘Did I tell you to make a noise?’

Her stomach knotted with both fear and excitement at the tone of his voice, and she felt more of her juices get released from her throbbing cunt.

‘No sir, sorry sir’

‘I thought you were a good girl?’ The sensations in her pussy were unbearable, twitching and clenching uncontrollably.

‘I am sir, I’m sorry sir’

He punished her by pausing in his actions, removing his hands and not speaking. She knew not to move or speak in order for him to start again. Eventually his hands returned to her inner thigh, just above her stocking tops. The relief was palpable, but she managed to contain her excitement this time, as she lost herself in the sensation of his touch on her goosebumped skin. One hand continued up to gently stroke her exposed backside, as the other remained on course to her sex, stopping briefly at the apex of her thighs before, with a touch so gentle it was almost inconceivable, he slipped a finger along the opening of her cunt, moving slowly from back to front until he was about to touch her pulsating clitoris, the briefest of pauses and then….the stroke. She felt the exhilarating release of her orgasm, juices gushing down her legs instantly and hearing him unable to withhold his praise, calling her a good girl before quickly spreading her cheeks and burying his face in her still spurting cunt, allowing her sex to squirt over his face and directly into his mouth, finally slipping his fingers into her dripping pussy and, as the squirting stopped, increasing the speed of his fingers hitting her spot quick, hard and precisely, resulting in an instant second orgasm to wash through her body before the final waves of the first one had passed. Barely able to stand, legs shaking, mouth aching from biting the car seat to prevent herself making any noises, she was finally unable to contain herself and screamed his name as the second wave of liquid silk gushed out of her, over his hand and down her legs. He stood up, reached into the car, grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her into a more upright position. She could feel his rock hard cock between her thighs and then rubbing against the slit, she automatically pushed herself back to allow him to enter her, but he pulled back, teasing her, the way only he knew how. He leant forward and whispered ‘Who’s cunt is it?’

‘It’s yours, all yours, no one elses, it’s not mine, do what you want to it, it’s nothing to do with me, your cunt has missed you, please fuck it!’

The words came out hard, fast, yearning and so truthfully. She was his entirely. She could feel his smile, felt the grip on her hair tighten and felt her pussy clench yet again in anticipation of him entering her. Then it happened, straight into her hard and, as ever directly to the spot. She lost her breath, her mind went blank, the world stopped….nothing for a heartbeat…then she was back, being pounded hard and fast. Pushing herself back to meet his strokes, screaming uncontrollably as he reached round to grab roughly at her tits, and tease her nipples. When her scream became too loud he placed his hand over her mouth gently but firmly, not missing a stroke, driving her closer and closer to another climax, so close, so close, so close!!!

He stopped. Pulled her out of the car, turned her round and sat her on the edge of the seat, now looking directly into her eyes as he removed her knickers from her ankles, spread her legs wide, saw the pleading for more in her eyes, and grinned his beautiful, evil grin. He looked down and she reached between her legs to spread her cunt lips wide for him, displaying her soaking wet, red raw, aching cunt, open for him to take and use as he wanted. He smiled, and in one smooth movement shoved the soaked panties into her mouth and thrust his cock into her. He fucked her mercilessly and perfectly, speeding up and slowing down to keep her on the edge of climax for as long as possible. He loved her muffled screams and the look in her eyes as she stared at him and his cock penetrating her servile body over and over again. Then he took mercy on her and increased the speed and force taking her all the way to release, looking down at the slut’s legs spread wide as her cunt once again released a spray of silky cum, this time over his cock, and balls. She felt like her head had exploded in a supernova of sensation that then raced through her entire body, carried in the hot rushing blood that coursed through her, heightening the plethora of tingles and prickles that ran over every inch of her skin. The sight bought him close to climax, he pulled out of her used and twitching cunt, pulled her to her knees on the muddy ground next to the car, stood over her, pulled the knickers from her mouth and pulled her head down onto his prick. Watching her suck her own juices off him before he released a hard ejaculation of hot salty cum into the back of her mouth, roughly fucking the back of her throat to make sure she got every drop. She swallowed hungrily and gratefully, sucking the last few drops from him. He pulled out and smeared his cum and saliva soaked prick over her mouth and cheeks, as she gazed up at him in adoration, a fixed dreamlike smile on her face.

He helped her to her feet, supporting her where her trembling legs were unable to, sat down on the edge of the backseat and pulled her onto his lap. She curled up in his arms, put her head on his chest, he stroked her hair as she slowly drifted on the undulating waves of ecstasy, as she heard him repeat over and over, ‘good girl, good girl’.

She smiled secretly to herself content that her brief risk analysis had once again been entirely sound…of course it was worth it, it always would be.

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