A short story by Alex Jordaine. Alex Jordaine is the UK’s leading Femdom writer and author of the highly acclaimed ‘Mistress’ series of novels. He is regarded as one of the foremost writers of the genre (Romance Reviews Today says Alex Jordaine’s work “gets a Multiple O’s rating. A real BDSM lover’s dream”). Alex was a regular contributor to Europe’s leading fetish magazine, Secret, and his work has also been anthologised in several collections of gay, lesbian, spanking and general themed erotica. He is a regular contributor for the Filth blog so be sure to keep checking back if you love his writing as much as we do.



The creamy stuccoed Georgian terraced house was in a residential street just north of High Street Kensington in central London. The property had been converted at some stage into three solid, high-ceilinged apartments, and Anita and her lover, a submissive blonde called Angie, occupied the one on the ground floor.

It was early evening and the two beautiful young women were in the living room. Anita was sitting in a black leather armchair and was as naked as Angie who was knelt at her feet. Angie, whose backside was rosy-red from the robust spanking Anita had recently given it, was gazing out of the net-curtained window at the dark wet dusk outside.

“You’d never know it was the middle of summer,” Angie said, looking at a sky stacked with clouds like black mountains. Rain crackled in the street and cars edged by slowly, water spilling out from their tires, their windscreen wipers swishing.

“I wish I didn’t have to go out this evening in such filthy weather,” Angie continued, still looking out at the relentless, dreary rain. She turned her blue-eyed gaze away from the window and looked up at Anita. “And I especially wish I didn’t have to visit my stepmother of all people. I never could see what my dear father – God rest his soul – ever saw in that bloody woman. She’s awful, you know, Anita: a snob, a bore, a prude…”

“I can well understand your reluctance to visit her,” Anita interrupted, running her fingers through her lustrous auburn hair. “I’ll bet you’d much rather be here having great sex with me.”

“That’s for sure,” Angie replied, her clitoris twitching at the thought. “But needs must, I guess.”

“If you say so.” Anita smirked, a wicked glint in her hazel-green eyes.

“I need to make my way over to her place soon,” Angie said resignedly, glancing again out of the rain-splattered window. “So, I’d better get dressed.”

“I hope you won’t be wearing anything in the way of underwear,” Anita said.

“I never do, not since you told me to stop wearing it,” Angie said, feeling another twinge between her legs. “I’m very obedient to you, aren’t I?”

“You are indeed,” Anita agreed.

Despite her resigned statement a few moments earlier, Angie had made no move so far to get up from her knees, never mind put any clothes on. “Hey,” she said. “Just think how disapproving my puritanical stepmother would be if she knew you and I are lovers rather than innocent ‘flat-mates’.” She made quotation marks in the air with her fingers.

“Not to mention how she’d feel if she knew about all the other things we get up to,” Anita said, a suggestive smile curling the corners of her lips. “Think how shocked she’d be during your visit if she knew you had nothing on under your dress, your wet pussy completely shaved, and your backside still aglow from the spanking yours truly gave it earlier. The thought of that should make a potentially very tedious evening a bit more interesting for you, wouldn’t you agree?”

“I would.” Angie could feel a real ache between her legs now. “I’ll be on my best behavior with her, as I always am. But I’m afraid she’s going to find me very distracted as company this time, the state you’ve got me into.”

“I’m sure she will,” Anita said, thinking mischievously: And I haven’t even gone beyond first base yet, my sweet. Just you wait and see. She continued, “Then of course there’ll be all those trips to the bathroom you’ll have to make when you’ll be returning all flushed.”

“I will?”

“Oh yes. You’ll be wanking yourself stupid every time you go there. You’re a horny little slut, Angie, what are you?”

“A horny little slut,” Angie agreed cheerfully. “And what are you going to be doing while I’m away?”

“I think I’ll just take myself in hand.”

“Take yourself in hand?”

“Yes,” Anita replied, spreading her thighs and ostentatiously rubbing her pussy. “Read my hips: take myself in hand.” She teased the folds of her sex wide open and ran her fingertips against the pink flesh, concentrating on the hooded pearl of pleasure.

“What, you’ll be masturbating for the whole time I’m away?” Angie asked, the idea of it – and the sight of what Anita was now doing – exciting her even more. It made Angle’s own clitoris pulse more insistently and her pussy dampen further.

“That’s right. I’m going to have a real wankathon,” Anita said, continuing to roll her fingers actively over the stiffness of her clit before dipping them right into her wet pussy, plunging them in and out rhythmically. Then she stopped herself. Not yet, not yet.

She took her hand from her sex and pushed it into Angie’s mouth. Angie sucked at her lover’s sticky fingers until Anita pulled them away. She then ran them languorously up over her own erect nipples.

“Your fingers were nice and wet when you put them in my mouth,” Angie said, still savoring the taste of her lover’s juices. “Will you allow yourself to squirt when you wank?” Anita could do that sometimes but the circumstances had to be just right. She could only ejaculate by her own hand – nobody else’s –and she had to get the pressure on her G-spot just so.

“I might squirt, I might not.” Anita shrugged. “That’s for me to know.”

“I suppose, one way or another, I’ll find you in a state of complete sexual exhaustion on my return,” Angie said.

“More than likely, yes,” Anita replied, returning her fingers to her sex and beginning to pleasure herself again, rubbing gently. “Basically I’m going to wank and wank and wank until I’m all wanked out.”

“Will you be watching lesbian porno movies while you’re jilling yourself off time and time again like that?” Angie asked. She and Anita had between them acquired quite a collection of such films, some with a BDSM theme, and some without, all of them hot and steamy.

“I’ll only be watching the lesbian porno movies in my head,” Anita replied, still slowly masturbating.


“One word,” Anita said. “Memories.”


She nodded. “Uh-huh.”

“What sort?”

“Amazingly erotic ones,” Anita replied, still gently working her fingers over her sex. “That’s because I’ll be concentrating on my ‘first times’. The first female to make love to me, to give you just one example, was a lovely porcelain-skinned redhead at my college. Claire, her name was.”

“So, what about this Claire?” asked Angie. Her pussy felt very slippery now.

“She was a year older than me and drop-dead gorgeous, and I had a huge crush on her. I’d an even bigger crush on her once she’d gone down on me. That was an incredible experience, I can tell you.”

“I’ll bet!” Angie exclaimed. What are you trying to do to me, Anita? God, she felt horny.

“But I’ve so many sexy first time memories,” Anita went on as she continued slowly masturbating. “Finger-fucking you to orgasm in that restroom no more than half an hour after we’d first met. Remember that, do you, by any chance?” She took her hand away from her sex again, didn’t want to have an orgasm yet, wanted to stay in control.

“Need you ask?” Angie replied breathlessly. Anita was making her so sexually excited she was now soaked. She could feel trickles of wetness running down the inside of her legs. “I mean, do you really need to ask whether I remember that particular experience? For me it was mind-blowing, life changing.”

“No,” Anita replied, her eyes gleaming, “I guess I don’t need to ask. OK, what about the first time I spanked that tight, round butt of yours? Remember that as well? I’m sure you do.”

“I’ll say I do,” Angie replied with a faraway look. It had been the first time she’d realised that Anita, the woman with whom she was already head-over-heels in love, could also give her what she wanted sexually, what she craved. Angle’s clit was buzzing now and her pussy was so wet.

“It all came to me in a flash, I recall,” Anita said. “You’d come out with some comment or other I’d found particularly irritating – can’t for the life of me even remember what it was now – and I decided right there and then to punish you for it.”

Angie picked up the story. “I can remember like it was yesterday what you did to me,” she said, her blue eyes shining. “All of a sudden you told me to bend over the kitchen table, flicked up my short skirt to reveal my bare bottom, and started to spank me. And you didn’t hold back. I mean, you really thrashed the living daylights out of me.”

“And, boy, did it have an effect,” Anita said. “It made you climax more violently than I’d ever seen you do before.”

“I never had – not even close,” Angie replied, her heart beating faster at the vivid memory of that first spanking she’d received from her lover. Her body let out a little shiver, she was so excited. And all the while her clit throb-throb-throbbed and her pussy got wetter still.

“Anything else you recall about the experience?” Anita asked.

“Only that I’d so much love juice running down my thighs you told me you thought I’d wet myself,” Angie replied. “And, while we’re on the subject, Anita,” she went on, “what sort of effect do you think you’ve been having on me now with all this juicy first time stuff? You’ve got me so wet and horny I’m going out of my mind. Do I have to go and visit my god-awful stepmother this evening?” She briefly glanced out of the window. The rain had decreased somewhat but was still falling steadily.

“You’re the one who said you had to go and see her, not me,” Anita reminded her, bringing her fingers back to her pussy and starting to masturbate again.

“Yeah, I know,” Angie said. “She’s expecting me, so I guess I’d better go.”

“It’s up to you.” Anita shrugged, continuing to masturbate.

“If only there was some way I could get out of the visit without lying to her. You know what a lousy liar I am. I’m absolutely hopeless at it, couldn’t fool anyone. I wish there was some way I could stay here with you instead. Then you could fuck me senseless with your strap-on dildo.”

“Always assuming that’s what I feel like doing,” Anita said, a slight edge to her voice. But still she kept masturbating, her fingers moving in tight, slippery circles.

“Oh yes,” Angie assured her respectfully. “Only if that’s what you want too, of course. What I’m really trying to say is that you could do anything you wanted to me – put me into bondage, beat me again and even harder this time – anything.” Her blonde hair was damp against her neck and her breathing was ragged as she stared imploringly into her lover’s gleaming eyes.

“Well,” replied Anita, pursing her lips as if in deep thought. “There might be a way.” She removed her fingers from the dripping wetness of her pussy.

“Just say the word,” Angie replied, her own juicy sex pulsing at the possibility.

“Stand up,” Anita said, as she also got to her feet.

“Now what?” Angie’s heart was beating rapidly. She could feel a thrill running through her body like an electric current. “I’ll do anything you say.”

Anita’s eyebrows lifted eloquently. “Will you indeed?”

“Yes, oh yes.” Angie’s breath was coming quicker, her pulse racing wildly in her breast, her clit pulsing wildly in her sex.

“OK, what I want you to do is pick up the phone and call your stepmother.” Anita brought the hand with which she’d been masturbating to Angle’s sex and started to push upwards into her pussy. She found it was sopping wet – as she’d known very well it would be. “You’re to tell her something has come up. In fact, you’re to tell her,” she continued, pushing her fingers in and out of her lover’s wetness with ever more vigor, “that what’s come up is very urgent.” Her fingers were like ramming rods now, sliding furiously in and out of Angle’s sodden vagina. Then she started to grind them hard against her stiff clit.

“I’ll do that,” Angie gasped, her whole body shaking. She was this close to orgasm, but she mustn’t let that happen, she simply mustn’t. “I’ll ph-phone straight away.”

“Tell her you’ll be tied up for the next few hours,” Anita added. “You won’t be lying about that either.”

– END –

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