Claire is a respected and loved member of the Filth family and friend of Kitten Skye’s. You can often find her at both public and private fetish events in London and Brighton and even attend her popular kinky dinner parties in Brixton. Read more about these, her time at Filth and being both Stephan and Claire below. 

Claire’s Kinky Capers

. . . and sometimes they are very filthy kinky capers !!

Hello everyone. I am Crystal_Claire on fetlife. I am Stephen by day but Claire by night and, nil by mouth! After years of sneaking around secretly buying and wearing women’s underwear and trying on his wife’s clothes, Stephen, the career IT professional, has finally come of age (no pun intended) and grown in confidence as Claire. She now runs small intimate kinky dinner parties once a month in trendy Brixton.

I must offer my heartfelt thanks to the lovely people I met from the Brighton trans community where I spent some time understanding who I was and what was going on in my head. It turns out I’m not trans, I would now freely admit to being bi and I feel comfortable as Stephen or Claire, whether in vanilla land or pleasure land (that’s what I call the kinky scene). Claire had lunch and then went shopping with a friend at Westfield (Shepherds Bush) during a girly afternoon last month.

Some of you will know that I have spoken publicly (in vanilla land) about the problem with labelling people and so I’m happy with the label Stephen or Claire; anything else doesn’t define me. In my opinion, people are far more complex than you might imagine and there probably aren’t enough labels for me. Mistresses I have played with of course tend to use only one or two labels for me, none of which are repeatable here or could be deemed complimentary (ha ha!).

For an evening out Claire does make an effort, wearing sensible shoes and dresses to start with, however it soon turns quite filthy with slutty clothes and filthy behaviour becoming the norm as Claire explores and evolves, encouraged by her new found friends on the Brighton and London BDSM scenes.

So, the gorgeous Kitten Skye, who introduced me to the Brighton scene with a warm welcome at The Dungeon Bar, has asked me to write a kinky blog and tell my kinky story. Spill the beans. However the story can get naughty at times so where to start wonders Claire? Well maybe I should follow Alice in Wonderland who was advised, “begin at the beginning and then go on until the end”.

On second thoughts, this is Kinky Claire having fun and evolving in pleasure land, sponsored by her friends from Kinky Airways and so I think I shall start with a reflection on my five visits to Filth this year and take it from there. No one’s interested in my whole of life story, are they? My three years on the scene have in any event been well documented on Fetlife in verse, please do take a look at the writings of Crystal_Claire when you get a moment.

Coming to Filth each month means a lot to Claire and I truly believe that there was a moment this year when I really felt accepted by the fetish community. No longer do I need to hide from anyone. I can be who I want to be in the fetish community and not worry anymore about what people think. Of course I like to wear nice outfits and be praised by the crowd for making an effort, it’s such a shame so many of my outfits end up on the floor of the dungeons I frequent, I wonder why? It could be because humiliation is my biggest kink and the mistresses just feed my need, many thanks – you know who you are!

In October I’d offered to buy dinner for a kinky friend before going to Filth, however I ended up dining alone at a lovely little Tapas bar in the Lanes, wearing jeans and a girly top, feeling nervous about the night ahead. Once at Filth, rip off the jeans, slip on the LBSD (little black slutty dress) and I soon got chatting to a lovely young woman I’d met previously at a workshop in Brighton. She gave me my first public stripping (well almost, I lost my tights) and spanking on the cross and I loved the constant checking in my ear “are you ok” so no need to use my safe word which is so long and comical I can never spit it out in time to avoid a painful end to a session. Must work on that, red seems to be so last season. Maybe I’ll try crimson next time.

Perhaps next time I’ll tell you about my experiences with pole dancing at Filth, the glory hole and the comfy bed. December 16th – little miss santa claus will be there, I hope you are ready. Feel free to spank Claire if her outfit isn’t up to scratch. OMG don’t scratch by the way. You may bite (a little!). I hate pain!

Keep spanking and keep it filthy.

Claire Stephens

Cook, maid and slut
Claire’s Kinky Dinners

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