As many of you already know I am currently pregnant with my first child.

Filth is a big day for me anyway. Up at the first sign of sunlight to answer emails, doing frantic last minute promotion throughout the day, shopping for bits I can’t buy in advance, moving our lovely heavy equipment with my fantastic van guy (linked because they are amazing) decorating the venue and making myself look sexy – which is getting a little harder, and this is all before we open.

My event day adrenaline that usually sees me through has taken a bit of a drop due to, well, creating life, and so I’ve decided that over the summer I will be leaving the venue at midnight when we have our last entry.


Filth is my original baby and not only that but I love it and enjoy it, every event brings me closer to the community and the scene, I love meeting new people who are just dipping their toes in the water and chatting with people I’ve known for years about old times. I’m a massive voyeur (don’t believe a kinky event planner who tells you they aren’t) and seeing the incredible, hot, raw and sexy AF scenes playing out throughout the night make my buzz from head to toe – which is why I don’t usually make it to bed before 5am.

This brings back some memories,         Lily Brutal our resident switch.   

It’s going to be hard to leave early (and after summer when my baby is due miss a few entirely) but leaving at midnight means I get the best of everything I’ve mentioned and also won’t end up a very exhausted, not so sexy, pregnant woman in the corner clutching at her lower back and yawning (making a baby is hard work as a lot of you will know) so just like Cinderella I will be running for my Carriage before my beautiful pregnancy glow turns back into a sofa Pumpkin.

I have some FANTASTIC news though, of course I won’t be leaving you without the very best care and attention. As well as our usual fantastic staff the gorgeous Berry Brighton, who most of you will know as the switchy rope goddess she is, will be taking the reigns. So when you can’t find me please look for her…

A long time kinkster with loads of experience attending events and running her own (R.A.C.K) I could not be leaving you in better hands and I’m really excited for all the fun new experiences she’s going to bring to the table until I can get back to you full time…and come on, just look at her *heart eyes*. 

Now my job is to learn to let go a little…eeeeeeeek.

As I’m going to have to miss some towards the end of the year, I’m getting ALL my favourite themes in before I have to go. And that can only mean one thing…Catholic Guilt. Last year you came in your droves as naughty nuns, pervy priests and catholic school boys, girls, both or neither just begging for some corporal punishment. Not only are nuns and all religious imagery one of my biggest turn ons but could I really miss the opportunity to dress up as a sexy Mary pregnant with the second coming? 

Like this but more pregnant!

Summer is coming, the whether is heating up, May is looking very warm. It’s time for us to start getting lots of people travelling down to see us from all over. Last year we had lots of London folk, some from Manchester and even a gorgeous couple from WALES!!! Because of this all winter we’ve been collecting data on all the best kink friendly places to stay in Brighton depending on what you’re looking for so please just email us for more details. 

The Krakens Lair at the Pelirocco hotel

I can’t wait to see you all for one of the last times before my maternity leave, lets make them as FILTHY as possible…

Early bird tickets for our next event are a massive £10 cheaper than on the door, limited AND OUT NOW:—Brighton-Fetish-Night—Catholic-Guilt/13202199/

Kinky Kisses

Kitten Skye xx 

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