Hi Filthsters,

So I’m totally procrastinating by writing this today, the day of my other event New Love, but here we are 😉 

I’m so excited to have been collared by D since my last blog. We had been talking about it for a while and had an original date for my birthday but wanted to wait to get the collar just perfect to represent the D/s side of our relationship. 

The collar is mahogany leather and brass with a suede inner lining, it’s both firm and comfortable and makes me feel so safe and loved. It also came with a lead which we’re looking forward to putting to good use at some events this summer. I’ve definitely been mentally planning all my outfits around it ever since. Someone mentioned it looked like one of those porn slave RPG game pop up ads you get and so I kinda wanna do a photo shoot soon with that theme as well as working on a Steampunk cosplay outfit. But mainly I just want to wear it always, everywhere and most importantly forever. 

D also got it lovingly embossed with the words ‘Just Us Two’ which makes my heart swell whenever I read it. Because as D/s as we are, as rough and crazy it can get and as much of his slut I am…we still remain belonging to each other, just us two and that’s just perfect for us. 

As I mentioned I’ve got New Love tonight and it’s our best selling one yet so I’m really excited…

It’s nice to have a little relaxed fun where I can turn up in a little dress and get more of a chance to chat to people about what they’re looking for and how they found us. My plan is for it to be a safe, fun, liberated and educational event where everyone is welcome…and the feedback so far has been fantastic. I can really see it turning into more of a festival style event in the future!

I’m looking into bringing a tantric element to New Love, and actually in my personal life too…I think I’m getting mushy in my old age and being all loved up. I can see D and me meditating and fucking on some mountain top in the sunshine somewhere. We’ve got a little online course to start us off so I’ll let you know how it goes…

If any tantric sex teachers want to come and do a little taster session at New Love please contact me at skyedlmare@gmail.com, I can see it going down really well. 

Ok, so that’s my little procrastination blog, the next one will be all about the next Filth event, Catholic Guilt on the 21st and include pictures of my latex nun outfit and me modelling the new red fox’s tail I got for my birthday. 

Kinky Kisses
Kitten Skye x 

Tickets for New Love available here: https://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/Brighton/Presuming-Ed-Coffeehouse/New-Love—Alternative-Dating-Night-Brighton/12935662/

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