First and foremost I wish to impart on those who only wish to read a short summary that I can without any shade of bias say that Filth is the best fetish night that I’ve been to. The staff were amazing, the atmosphere incredible and the level of debauchery broke the needle on the De Sade scale. For those who wish to read my full account of the night it follows below.

It has been some time since I’ve been to a Fetish event, at least 3 years. I suffer from severe anxiety and often feel alienated when in a club environment, and having just moved to the area I only know a few people on the scene. From door to floor I immediately felt welcome, after a quick change I was being introduced to people and shown around the play rooms.

Not long after arriving we were treated to a breath taking show by Twisted Nymph the contortionist mermaid. A seamless blend of erotica and movement the crowd cheered with raucous joy.

A highlight of the evening was being intimately introduced to the excellent selection of equipment and menagerie of toys. Its safe to say that I learned some new things about myself this night and well into the next morning.

The DJ (DJ Shibari) was a perfect accompaniment to a night of pleasure, music like a pulse to the heartbeat of the club. The set was on point the whole night and at no point broke the atmosphere.

Whilst swanning around between scenes I found myself speaking with strangers, sharing smiles and talking about each others outfits. It’s strange to feel so at home in a place I have never been, definitely a feeling I can get used to. I can only thank those that I spent the evening with including the amazing door and floor staff who clearly had everyone’s best interest at heart. Needless to say you will find me at the next Filth.



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