This was posted by a woman in one of the BDSM facebook groups I’m on and I thought some of you might like it too…posted with consent. 

I love love love sucking dick.
It’s a control thing for me .
You think you are in control because I’m on my knees. I’m actually in control. I have your most vulnerable part of your body in my mouth , surrounded by teeth.
I could end you, but instead I suck. You glare down at me because you legit think you are in a dominant position . Yet with the slightest sucks and movements of my tongue, I can make you gasp. I can make your heart rate speed up. I can make you eject your life’s CONTINUANCE, the continuance of your line, and I could swallow it killing your line .
I could bite you. Yet I trick you into relaxing with gentle well timed sucks. I stare at you with my innocent blue eyes while I eagerly suck and lick you. You glare back with a look of dominance. I feel you relax. I make you feel at ease and comfortable. I am making you put your guard down.
I feel you tense, shift, and grow in my mouth. You are losing control of your body. Every little suck every little lick with the tip of my tongue makes you tense and react. I exercise my power over you eagerly now. I suck faster to keep you constantly off balance.
I hear you grunting fighting for just one more minute. I suck faster and stare at you . Your look of dominance is gone as you see the way I’m staring at you . You see that I’m a cum demon who won’t stop slurping and sucking until I make you surrender your cum.
You feel me milking you with my mouth. And you know that if you try to pull out of my mouth I will bite down. You realise you are no longer in control. I’m now controlling your body’s function with my mouth.
I purposely start making louder slurping noises and suck a lot faster . I want you to see my hunger for your cum. I want you to hear my slurps, so even when you try and close your eyes to escape my devouring your cock you still will hear the slurps and hear the determination of me trying to force you to cum.
As I patiently feed and milk your sick you eventually lose the battle. I feel you tense up and hear you moan. You have lost all control of your body now . You are no longer dominant. I suck harder while you cum to FORCE more out.
I swallow some to celebrate my victory. In swallowing your cum. I’m swallowing your life, your kids, your soul, your essence. I enjoy feeding off of your life, feeling it drain down my throat. I only swallow half of it.
The other half I massage out of you directly on my face. You see me wearing your cum on my face and It makes you think you are dominant again. You don’t realise I’m painting my face and using your cum as war paint. I am using something I took from you by force and displaying it on my face like a trophy.
Like the Aztecs used to do with the blood of their victims.
Who’s the dominant one now?

Kinky Kisses
Kitten Skye x 

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