Hi Filthsters,

Well my ‘weekly’ blog hasn’t exactly been weekly but it does mean I have loads to tell you…

Filth was last Friday and it was our first year birthday so a big one in attendance and emotion. I was really excited about the littles room as a friend had sourced me a gorgeous little cot and I had lots of excited messages from littles and bigs alike. Although I didn’t get to witness it myself I know it was used for one particularly intense forced orgasm scene with a baby girl. 

It was hard to decide what to wear for Filth as I was torn between a baby girl dress my friend Lizzy had just given me and a VERY SEXY, VERY RUDE strappy lingerie set I had treated myself too. As I had already had the chance to wear my babygirl outfit on a night in with some friends and a swing (pic below) I went with the barely there strappy number. 


I was also lucky enough to get tied by the amazing DJ FET who got me into some particularly nasty predicament bondage and made me squirm and swear in delight as she found all those bastard little pressure points. I loved having a little crowd around me watching and being pulled by my hair…hair and rope is so YUM. For anyone who wants to learn from this respected Shibari teacher she is putting on an intermediate class this April. You can find more information HERE.

But the highlight of my night has to be when our resident sadist switched it up, donned nothing but a bag with ‘Spit On Me’ written on it and sat their bare butt down on our (kindly donated for the night) bondage chair. I got to go around asking our willing guests to do the honours. It was without a doubt one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen being a big fan of all things SPIT but most importantly that you could see how much they were enjoying every single second by their shudders, quivers and goosebumps. IT WAS SO HOT!


You may also have seen I did an interview with The Tab, Sussex this month. I DID NOT ENJOY answering the questions, even though they were lovely, it just took a lot of spoons. I’m rubbish at the putting myself out there side and I ended up obsessing about a bad comment and having a little melt down. It’s so important to me that I represent the scene well that I can end up stressing out a bit too much over it. Yes there was some nasty comments, but there always will be and by and large I think my answers helped to show the scene in a positive light whilst hopefully directing people to finding out more about it in the right way and that’s all I wanted. You can find the article HERE

I’ve been loving the sunshine these last few days, it’s got me right out of a little slump and has ignited my creativity. Me and my friend and rigger Gary of Shibari 4 Beginners have been talking about getting outside and doing some Shibari in the Park…obviously this would be non sexual, clothed and light hearted. If you’re in Brighton and like the idea of getting out in the spring/summer sunshine and doing some Shibari with us let us know. It will be good practice for our Shibari in the sun Mediterranean Retreat this summer. 


Me and D have still been having fun exploring each other and my endless list of kinks, I really want to get into some water bondage/torture but I’m being a total whimp about it. I’m so not ready for water boarding even though I’ve been fantasising about it for years. We explored some water play in a very steamy morning in the shower. I was dragged in their fully clothed, turned round, face pushed hard into the corner stone wall, fucked from behind with the cold water from the shower head blasted straight into my face.

Because I was pushed so hard in the corner and the water was coming so hard and fast into my face there was a super hot drowning sensation along with the shock from the cold and I loved the feeling of my t-shirt getting soaking wet and sticking to my skin in a Latex like fashion. I’m actually going to write a piece of erotica about it because I loved it so much so i’ll post it here once it’s done. 😀

Great water bondage porn www.waterbondage.com

We’re both looking forward to going to some events this summer AS GUESTS, we are waiting for his uniform to arrive with bated breath. 😉 

What have you been up to? 

Kinky Kisses 
Kitten Skye x 

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